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Pics Below Esa Ahola 2004

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Esa Ahola 2004 and respect
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Day 1. from Esa Ahola
Pictures from Paul and Sue Cullen
Day 1 People Pics from Esa Ahola
Day 2 - The Magicians Birthday Party - From Esa Ahola
Report from "Heepy Daze"
Pics from Albert Vos
Evert Achterberg Photo Impression
Ken Hensley & Circle of Hands
Photo's by Paul  de Kock

Photos by David Laurie 
Review and pictures by Mike Taylor
Review by Bert Bakker
Review by Pete Wharton
Photos by Evert Achterberg  
Photos by Rens Nagtzaam  
Photos by Thomas Gavalcik The Uriah Heep gig new november 19th
Photos by Thomas Gavalcik The Heepclub
new november 19th
Photos by Thomas Gavalcik Afterparty
new november 19th
Photos by Circle of Hands new november 19th
Review by Heepclub organiser Jerry Bloom november 28


Just like to say a huge thank you to all the people that made magicians birthday possible. 

We were a little wary of taking two young children Lauren 11 Amy 8 but everyone involved treated them like royalty. We went to the after show party Mick Box and Bernie Shaw were absolutely fantastic with the kids it was a night they will never ever forget.

Got some great photos and all sorts of memorabilia. 
Thanx again 
Karen, Lauren & Amy (Wigan) 
Well it is Tuesday 4oclock my head still hurts too much vodka Jack Daniels Stella. wine and goodness knows what else .

Anyway i did not think Heep could improve on Edinburgh and Carslile gigs.  I had flown up to see the weekend before last (see revues). well Sheperds Bush .amazing the cd and dvd will surely be the best yet.

Highlights for me Osibisa in great form during look at yourself,  Micks guitar during gypsy was huge. Tthe aftershow party was good the hotel party with all the band even better crashed at about 4am great to see everyone. Heep have with out question the most amazing fans.

I am proud to call friends
Paul the Wzard Rickard

Well, back in my hometown for the first time in ages, Heep were awesome!
If I Had The Time, A Year And A Day, So Tired, When The War Is Over, all massive highlights.
The band get tighter and tighter every time I see them.
Only drawback was one tosser in the audience who insisted on shouting out "Rock and Roll" every time Mick dared to pull on his acoustic!
The boys gave him Rock and Roll with blinding versions of Gypsy, July Morning and Look At Yourself.
Roll on next time and look forward to the next live DVD.

Kevin Wilson

Just got back home to Salisbury Wiltshire from the first 4 Heep shows !!!!!!  STUNNING !!!!!!  have driven my car every day for the past 6 covered over a 1,000 miles  "Need a rest" ... NO-WAY

HEEP have turned me into a" fifty year old teenager"
All you guys waiting to see a Heep show !!!!! You will be Gobsmacked !!!!!!

Only wish We could have been at Folkstone and Birmingham, looking forward to Bristol, MBP and Berlin.

Ricky and Tina

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