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March 1 2005 by Stan Evens


I made a mistake on my short review the other day. I said there wasn't anything special (I meant unique) about the latest MBP, I couldn't have been further from the truth. First time I listened to it was Monday at work on my computer with the volume down low, without watching the video, this is what I based my review on. Since then I've listened to it several time, much louder and it sounds awesome.

Today, I finally watched the dvd, with dolby digital surround sound and it was fantastic. Its amazing how Uriah Heep just keeps getting better every year. They seem to play these songs better and better. The dvd was very well done for the video, and the awesome audio. The setlist is fantastic once again. A great mix of their 34 year history - 6 songs written by the current lineup - all awesome songs and awesome renditions of these classic songs (yes, all their songs are classics) - I love Words in the Distance, and a definite highlight was When the War is Over - what a great version of an excellent song, and the audience participation of singing (at Bernie and Phil's urging)  on this song was fabulous - you could tell the special bond between the band and the fans. The venue looks beautiful as well, I'm sure the sound at the show was fabulous.

The other 7 songs on the dvd are all great classic Heep songs - the version of So Tired was awesome and I also thoroughly enjoyed If I Had the Time and A Year or A Day. Even the versions of Gypsy and July Morning seemed special. Look at Yourself with Osibisa was very unique and excellent - Lee worked his ass off on this one!! The songs were mixed together very well, with a couple of awesome lead-ins from one song to the next - both on So Tired, leading right into Words in the Distance and also If I Had the Time leading right into A Year or A Day. And just after the excellent feeling you get from hearing/watching these two songs - BOOM, next song is the awesome Between Two Worlds, they just don't let up. What an awesome display of talent, and we get to watch it over and over. Miss this dvd at your own risk, its worth every dollar.

Thank You Uriah Heep for another release very well done. I for one, will continue to enjoy everything you do. I also look very much forward to the day when a new release of all new material comes forth. I know this will happen because this group of so very talented musicians just keeps getting better and better. A new release will be a continuation of the great musical history of Uriah Heep, a continuation of the last 34 years. As Bernie says in the concert, they have 37 releases. I went back and counted and they do count all the live releases and there are 37, every release counts.

To Many More 'Appy Days of Heep.
Stan Evens

By Mikael Soderblom

Got my dvd today, and yes it is as good as I recall The show. What struck me during the show was that Lee seemed "on edge" and really hit his kit with joy ( I think Living Loud has something to with it). I`ve seen this line-up for a some shows now and told my friends when I was back from London that this was a real top show, best Ive seen with Heep and the dvd proves it. How is it possible to want more every time I see a dvd or listen to cd I just wants see them live again and agian.
What I miss in dvd is the encore with Trevor in that fantastic "thing", was it a wig, or huge hairy beane or just a dog? Great Band, Great Show, Great Event - Now we move on to MBP2005!!!

Mikael Soderblom
Gothenburg, Sweden


The new dvd is by far the best
to date the sound on the dts is fantastic .All the tracks are just mega i
suppose if i have to pick favourites when the war is over,year or a day the
harmonies spine chilling,and look at yourself.They are all great,if i have
to critisize it not long enough and no lady in black we have been robbed of
seeing trevor in that wig otherwise quite bloody  brilliant.



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